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Meg and Dom, also known as the Pootie Bears, both grew up in New Milford. While they were acquaintances in their youth, it wasn't until the summer of 2012 that they began to fall in love.

The Jersey Shore has always been meaningful to them both due to family vacations, prom weekends, and of course, Belmar shore houses. But the shore became even more near and dear to their hearts when they fell in love on the Seaside Boardwalk. Thanks to Meg's brother, Patrick, Dom was invited to join a Mitchell family vacation. Little did Pat know that his friend would fall for the charms of his amazing and mesmerizing older sister. Over the week Meg and Dom got to know each other while dancing to their favorite house beats at Surf Club, bar crawling down the Seaside Boardwalk, and spending ridiculous amounts of money on rigged boardwalk games. Dom's numerous attempts to win Meg a giant sized minion may have cost him his paycheck, but in the end, it won him his soon to be wife.

Seven years later Dom joined the Mitchell family for another vacation to the Jersey Shore. True to form, Dom once again cleared out his wallet on various boardwalk games all to win Meg some prizes. Later that night, he gave Meghan the best prize of all by proposing to her on the Lavalette Beach in a heart made of candles in the sand.

The Lake Mohawk Country Club is a unique setting that has been recognized by the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places. Also known as “Lake Mohawk Tudor,” it is this unique Swiss chalet–styled architecture that has allowed our venue to become renowned and sought-after for its romantic elegance and charm. View houses for rent in Lake Mohawk, NJ. 11 house rental listings are currently available. Compare rentals, see map views and save your favorite houses.

Casual Hook Up Lake Mohawk New Jersey
Friday, August 14, 2020
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Lake Mohawk Country Club
21 Lake Mohawk Country Club Boardwalk, Sparta, NJ, 07871, United States
21 Lake Mohawk Country Club Boardwalk, Sparta, NJ, 07871, United States
Thursday, August 13, 2020
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
21 The Boardwalk, Sparta, NJ, 07871
We will be rehearsing for the wedding at our venue on Thursday, August 13 at 6 pm. We will be hosting you for dinner on the Lake Mohawk Boardwalk following the rehearsal for the wedding party as a thank you for all of your love and support! Dom and Meg will be heading to the rehearsal from the Hilton Homewood Suites as we plan on checking in and getting settled beforehand. Feel free to do the same and we can head over together, or meet us at LMCC at 6 pm. =]

Caitlin and Meghan met at the New Milford Swim Club when Meg thought she was an Olympic swimmer. Meg would ask Cait to stay and watch her swim in the meets because she was always so nervous. Since then, Cait has always stood by Meg's side, and Meg will always stand by hers. They've traveled and built memories down the shore, in Texas, Boston, Maryland, and California. These two have been inseparable for years, and will continue to take on the world together!

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Kathleen and Meghan have played sports together since they were little kids. By the time they played high school basketball together, they had developed an unbreakable bond - so much so, that Meg developed Maggi radar - a method to always get Maggi the ball under the basket. Meg stood at Kathleen's side at her wedding, and Kathleen will stand at Meg's, but don't get it twisted, these 2 will always have each other's fronts!

Brittany is Meghan's cousin, best friend, and sister! The two of them were lucky enough to go on many family vacations together, in which they'd steal their grandparents alcohol and leave hostage notes in order to get them back. When that didn't work, they turned to witchcraft - literally trying to cast spells on people around a campfire to try and get their way. Needless to say, Brittany is always down to try whatever crazy thing Meg brings up. To date, Brittany is still Meg's partner in crime!

Lindsey and Meghan met as little kids through their moms. Meg spent majority of her childhood summers at the Dugan household, which eventually turned into a friendship that would last a lifetime. As Meg and Lin got older, getting ready for SJS dances turned into pregaming Bosco dances, and eventually planning Belmar shore houses. Meg can't picture her big day without Lin by her side!

Christine, aka Peachez, is Meg's person! They met as pre-teens back when the New Milford and Dumont worlds started to collide. Eventually, they became college roommates at Rowan University where they enjoyed one too many Tequila/Tiara Tuesdays. Meg can always depend on Christine to listen and understand her no matter what physical distance lies between them!

Kristy and Meghan's dads new each other through work (638!!), so they easily became friends in the early days of St. Joe's. Eventually, they ended up at the same high school, where they accomplished some amazing things, like beating Creskill in basketball and mastering a 2 mile walk home at 2 am. From chasing vodka with gadorade, to enjoying a nice glass of whiskey on the couch, these two will always love each other!

Jamie and Meghan grew up down the street from each other. Their families know each other from high school, and these two plan on keeping that tradition going and buying neighboring shore houses. Meg can always count on Jamie to be down for anything, whether it be a wild weekend down the shore, or a simple morning bike ride, it always turns into an amazing memory. Stay tuned, because one day, these two will infiltrate the New Milford Athletic Club as Prez and VP.


Samantha is Dom's sister and Meg's future sister-in-law! Sam welcomed Meghan into her family with generosity, kindness, and probably some relief after living and dealing with all of her brothers! Meg is lucky enough to get spoiled by Sam's cooking during the holidays, and always looks forward to sharing laughs with her over wine, food, and secret santa gifts! Meghan is beyond excited to gain Samantha as a sister, and coulnd't imagine her wedding without her standing by her side.

Casual Hook Up Lake Mohawk New Jersey

Tyler is Meg’s cousin who grew up right in Oradell. While Meg used to run away from “Tyler the terror” when they were toddlers, they grew up to become super close and always support each other. Coincidentally, Tyler also knew Dom before he and Meg became a couple, making him the perfect fit for their officiant. It means so much to them that Tyler will be the one to start them off as husband and wife on their special day!

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