Denver Best Place To Hook Up

Virtually everyone in the ABCs team has been traveling around like crazy in the last couple months. We’ve been jet setting, not only to several states, but multiple countries, as well!

Whenever we go to these new places, we’ve got to turn our well-honed PUA radars on and try to figure out the best venues to go to so that our students can practice and learn in the best environment. Sometimes it’s hit and miss, but most of the time our instincts are pretty good and they lead us to some pickup havens.

This is not a dating/hook-up group. It is founded on the Bisexuality Support Group that meets every 1st and 3rd Monday at 6 p.m. At the GLBT Center of Colorado, 1301 E Colfax, Denver. There is a minimum $1 up-front membership due to curb the cost of this group. Thank you in advance. Step 4: Wrap yourself up like a burrito and have sex in the dirt while you fist pump to “Ain’t Life Grand” playing on the main stage. Jason Hoffman/Thrillist In a parking lot, according to a.

In our top-secret inter-company communiqué, we have lists of logistics accessible by each member of our team designed to help them get a feel for what kind of places are conducive to pickup and which should be avoided. Because we’re all about giving value and helping out our brothers domestic and international, we figured it would be best to share our information with you in a new series called,

Denver Best Place To Hook Update

“Where to Pick Up Girls in: [YOUR CITY HERE].”

Denver Best Place To Hook Up

This series will detail, city by city, where we went, what kind of venues we went to, how they rate on our scale, and some miscellaneous tips and tricks.

Since we just got back from Colorado a little while ago, the first city on our map is Denver!

Where to pick up girls: Denver, Colorado!

Denver Best Place To Hook Upgrade


When you go to a city, the best thing to do is ask some of the cuter waitresses and bartenders where they go out. Generally, any attractive woman working in the hospitality industry (restaurants, bars, hotels) will know of a lot of great places and, since I like to upscale clubs a bit more, I’ll ask them where some good ultra-lounges are.


Friday Night:

Suite 200 (1427 Larimer Street): Typical Club Entry (dress nice, show up early). Great venue teeming with cute cocktail waitresses and EXACTLY the crowd we were looking for: Young, hot and stylish. Located on bustling Larimer St., Suite 200 was filled with hotties and well-dressed gents and could’ve (almost) passed as an LA club.

Didn’t get started until 11:30pm-ish. Great place with tons of sets, good talent and talkative people. Loud music but places to isolate. Stay away from the dance floor area! The bottleservice area breeds douchers. Occasional MILF, but usually attached to a guy. Moderate drink prices (expensive for Denver).


In most cities, similar clubs will be owned by the same company and, often, they will rotate promotion on specific nights. This was just the case and I found that Suite 200 was owned by a company called Lotus Clubs that also owned 24k, Marquis, Oak Tavern, and 5 Degrees.

Saturday Night:

5 Degrees (1475 Lawrence St): Same club entry. Much more heavily populated (which is typical on a Saturday night in any city), it was just as cool, stylish and fun. No bottleservice oriented and loads of single MILFs out to cheat on their husbands (we found). Waitresses are super hot and will be lined up at the door if you arrive early enough.


DEAD until about 11:30pm. Wide age-range focused more on the 6s, 7s and 8s with the occasional waitress HB9. Loud music inside (smaller dance floor), but huge patio to isolate (gets PACKED when it’s hot). Many different types of seating (almost like a restaurant) and tons of sets. Same drink prices as Suite 200.

Sunday Night:

Shag Lounge (830 15th Street): A fun venue! UBER cheap drinks and a cool, indie crowd. Everyone was really laid-back, friendly and the place got packed. Varied music with almost no one dancing. Small place but couches and a patio to isolate. Sunday in Denver is a social circle-oriented night, so be careful how you run your sets and watch who knows who.

Everything else in the city is deserted and Shag Lounge is definitely the only place to go on a Sunday night. I highly recommend it!

Anyhow, that’s it for the tips and tricks of Denver. Hope this helps you on your travels!

If you’re not ready to go out on your own and are considering taking one of our world-famous bootcamp, check out this article with REAL student reviews of the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp in Denver!

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Having an affair is exhilarating even though there is an element of risk involved. This means that when choosing private places to meet, choose a place that is discreet and enjoyable to both partners. The place should also reduce the risk factors involved.

So what do you look for when taking your secret lover out? The answer is quite simple, look for anonymity. When looking for the perfect location, you want to make sure that you don’t encounter anyone who is familiar with you. The same goes for your partner.

Denver Best Place To Hook Up Pto Electric Wire Diagram

There is a lot to think about that also comes with a lot of planning. This makes it quite a tricky business. There is constant creativity by cheating partners on where to meet without getting caught. What places are people choosing for their rendezvous activities?

1. Coffee shops

It’s easy to see why coffee shops are by far the best places for cheating partners to meet up. They are straightforward, public and not suspicious. Nobody can be at the shop at a given time to spot you and your lover.

2. Hotels

They have everything you need for a successful dating experience. The dining areas and restaurants are ideal for meeting for the first time. It is better to meet in public places until you know each other well enough. In fact, it is a lot safer when your affair is still in the early stages.

Hotels are perfect for getting to know each other and decide how you want things to progress moving forward. Most hotels have a restaurant and a bar. If you both decide that it’s time to take things further, you have the option of hiring a room at the same facility.

Best Places To Hook Up In Denver

3. Bars and clubs

These are perfect during night outs, especially if you want a vibrant and exciting atmosphere to make your night enjoyable. Choose a quieter bar. It’s the best fit for having a good conversation on how to go about your affair.

If you prefer dancing and loud music, meet in a club. Have a clear conscience that no one is seeing you. Most bars and clubs are located in places where you can book a room and spend the night if you intended to.

4. Casinos

This is a lively place with hundreds of tourists and people from out of town. Nobody will single out you and your date in this crowd. It provides a casual environment for anonymous dates. Have a drink and play a game of roulette.

5. On the side of the road

Cheating partners may decide to park their vehicles on the side of the road. Partners can get intimate in between two parked trucks on the roadside. Needing to pull up during a trip is not an unusual thing to do. This proves that it is among the places people cheat with the intention of not getting caught. Just be careful in each other’s’ car.

6. On board a yacht

The evening dinner on board a yacht is one other ideal place you could meet with your date. You can freely enjoy the time and what nature has to offer. The best thing about it is that nobody can walk in unexpectedly. Privacy is guaranteed in this case. Nobody will ever find out.

7. At the cinema

The movies can provide a strong cover after the lights are dimmed. Partners can meet inside a cinema hall. With other revelers focused on the action on the screen, you can position yourselves at the back. This means your actions will go unnoticed given the darkness and the noise being projected in the room.

8. Go for concerts

This is an entertaining way to meet your lover. Get those tickets and jump on a train with your lover for the next music concert. No one will ever think of finding you there. Enjoy the night out without looking over your shoulder. The choice is yours on the venue.

9. Private evening dinner

Make your evening uninterrupted by organizing a catered dinner at a venue of your choice. Choose a spot where you can enjoy your date peacefully. No cooking, no hassle and no dishes. Make it a memorable evening with privacy in mind.

To keep it discrete, find a spot you and your friends don’t go often on a daily basis. Choose a perfect place where you and your date are not normally associated with. These rules out the chances of ever getting caught.

10. A picnic

Go somewhere quiet. Buy your food and ingredients on the way since preparing a meal for two at home might raise suspicions. Make sure no one follows you on the way. Remember the main objective is to be as discreet as possible.

11. On the internet

How could we forget this place? Remember we are talking about places to meet and not get caught. What a wonderful place can there be other than social media? Love has gone digital. You can discreetly meet new people online without breaking a sweat.

With an array of social media platforms to choose from, you can hook up with your partner and decide when and where to meet. If you cover your tracks very well, your spouse will never find out what’s trending currently.

12. Public toilets

Going to the bathroom is not a weird thing to do. Washrooms offer a perfect cover for cheating partners to carry out their activities. Brandermill fast dating site. They provide a higher level of privacy as compared to other communal places.

Denver Best Place To Hook Up With Girls

How to choose safe places to meet


First of all, your own circumstances may lend an easy solution. If you and your date live far away from each other, a halfway point may be the perfect distance away from your own neighborhood. If it’s somewhere you’ve never heard of before, it’s likely that your husband or wife doesn’t frequent the place. When you both arrive, try to seek out a little booth in a back corner, just to be safe. Then have some fun!

Places to avoid having an affair

Due to the serious risks involved in having an affair, it is advisable to avoid certain areas when meeting with your friend. Don’t meet in either of your homes. Never meet in areas frequented by your partners. Having an affair can be fun when you play safe.