Fredonia Speed Dating Night

All the fun and efficiency of in-person speed dating events brought to your doorstep. Why wait to hear back from potential matches on traditional apps and websites when you can meet a group of singles just like yourself, all from the comfort of your living room. A lovely host to guide you through your virtual event, there to assist you with anything or anyone. As simple as selecting the virtual event you wish to attend from our event schedule, looking your flirty best on the date and time indicated and being ready to explore a whole new way of connecting in Washington DC.

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Offering an exciting and innovative way to meet others just like yourself all in an environment suitably yours. The perfect opportunity to have an afternoon or night in, maximizing the number of potential matches you meet all while being your relaxed best. It’s traditional speed dating events with a virtual twist! Fabulous hosts to facilitate the event, assist you with any questions, concerns or thoughts you might have and tabulate your match results. While keeping in our philosophy of offering a civilized, safe and comfortable environment, we continue to reward those daters whom are found to be delightful and a joy to meet. We extend complimentary event invites and fantastic matchmaking opportunities while refusing those whom appear nice-challenged. We place great value in the feedback we receive from daters about fellow daters.

Ready to get your virtual cheeky on? Simply choose the virtual speed dating event from the event schedule you wish to attend. Purchase online and await your confirmation with additional details. You will not be asked to register further on any website, app or the like. Keeping a simple and easy approach to attending.

The night of your virtual event has arrived! Note the start time and don’t be afraid to dress it up. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t stir up a fabulous cocktail, create that perfect environment or take it low-key and comfortable. You are your own venue and bartender - just don’t forget to tip yourself! You’ll access the event with the link given in your confirmation. Be sure to have your camera and microphone working on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Upon check-in you’ll meet your host for the evening. They’ll be able to assist you and will be there for you for the duration of the virtual event.

Once all daters have arrived in the virtual check-in room; The fun can begin! Your host will begin to move daters two at a time into their own private room where they can chat and get to know each other. The host will rotate the group enabling you to meet a new dater every 7-8 minutes. As the event progresses - simply jot down whom you fancy meeting again and exchanging contact information with. Once the night has ended, you’ll pass along your choices to your event host. If your selections chose you - it’s a match! For those whom garner matches, you will be notified via e-mail, later the same evening.

Offering our same uncompromising value, unparalleled service and undeniable sensibility - all in a virtual package tied in a DC bow!

For any questions or advice, feel free to email us at [email protected]


What is a Virtual Speed Dating Event?

It is traditional speed dating in your home from your mobile, tablet or computer - anywhere you would like. Just as with in-person events, you’ll have a host to assist you with anything or anyone, be able to privately chat with a new dater every 7-8 minutes and select those whom you would fancy meeting again. All in an environment suitably you.

How do I reserve my place?

Simply select the event you wish to attend from our event schedule and purchase online. Upon purchase, you’ll be sent a confirmation and details for how to attend your virtual speed dating event at the date and time indicated on the event schedule.

Can I attend via a mobile phone, tablet or computer? Meadowbrook exclusive dating services.

Absolutely! Simply ensure the camera and microphone are turned on and working.

Will I be able to chat privately with my prospective ‘Virtual Date-Mate’?

Yes. Upon entering the event you will be in our virtual lobby where our event host will welcome you. Once daters have arrived in the room, the host will begin placing daters into their own private rooms, two at a time. From there you’ll rotate in and out of a private room, meeting a new dater every 7-8 minutes.

Will I be on my own or will there be a host there to assist me?

The moment you enter your virtual speed dating event, our host will be there to welcome you and assist you with any questions, concerns or thoughts. You can reach your event host at any time during the event.

What if I meet someone someone who isn’t being the best version of themselves?

We have a less than zero tolerance for any behavior that is upsetting, hair-raising or troubling. If you experience such behavior from a fellow dater, simply notify the event host. Our host will be available throughout the evening and easily accessible.

How do I choose someone I would be interested in meeting again?

Throughout the evening, simply jot down those whom you would like to exchange emails with. Once the event is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to pass along your choices to the event host.

What if I want to exchange information with a dater at the event and not wait for the match results?

We do discourage asking to exchange information during the event. One of the many advantages of speed dating, is not having the awkwardness of declining such requests. Daters should feel comfortable and relaxed knowing if they wish to meet a dater again, they can choose to do so at their own pace by passing on their selections to the host.

What is a SpeedDC Dating ‘Virtual Date-Mate’?

A ‘Date-Mate’ means you have a match! You selected each other as daters you would fancy meeting again. The email address you registered with will be exchanged with this person 24 hours after the event. Only daters that garner matches are notified approx. 24 hours after the event. Should you wish to be notified if you do not garner matches or have any inquiries after the event - feel free to email us at [email protected] We’re here 24/7.

How do I get invited to complimentary virtual events?

By being as delightful and lovely as you can. We don’t judge by looks or your match results; Instead, we look at your interactions with our staff, hosts and fellow attendees. When daters stand out for being the best version of themselves and found to be just what others fancy in a mate - the world of cheeky is theirs! They can expect complimentary events and matchmaking opportunities at no additional cost to them. It is where lovely meets value - SpeedDC style.

How do I get banned?

While we appreciate dating is highly emotional, we have zero tolerance for any behavior that upsets your fellow daters, our hosts or our staff. We place a great value in the feedback we receive from daters about fellow daters. While singles may have differing opinions in whom they find attractive, what they are looking for in a mate or their personal goals - finding someone nice and lovely is universal. We don’t tolerate any less and don’t believe you should either.

What happens if the event is sold out?

We wish we could accommodate everyone! Unfortunately, the fun goes quick! You can email [email protected] for information as to the process of being added to the wait list. Also, it is a good idea to keep checking back on our website as sometimes reservations become available at the last minute. We are continually updating our event calendar.

How many people will I meet?

SpeedDC Dating virtual events vary in size, anywhere from 14-24 singles register for any given event.

Will I be recorded?

You will absolutely not be recorded. Daters can feel secure in knowing any information or details exchanged are private and at your discretion.

TheGuys @ DCGreeks.comask:

SpeedDating at the YAL DC Greek Night?

What’sup with that?

Manyof you have probably seen the wave of emails going around DC publicizing thisweekend’s YAL Washington, DC Weekend.We here at DCGreeks.comhave done our part as well to raise the hype about this weekend, posting detailson our Events Calendar, our FallPreview, and even that little banner that most of you see scrolling pastyour screen right now.One thing that popped out at us in reading the latest round of emails wasa quick sentence regarding the Greek Night at Ooh La La on Friday.For those of you who may have missed this detail, figuring you’d seenenough emails on the YAL DC Weekend, it mentioned something rather interestingthat they are trying to organize during the middle of this Greek Night -- SpeedDating.

NowSpeed Dating, as it usually works, involves a bunch of guys and a bunch of girlstaking turns talking to one another for a certain time limit.We hear that these speed dates usually last about seven minutes, giving aguy and a girl plenty of time to get to know each other before the timer goesoff and they have to move on to the next person.The goal of this is pretty obvious – if you talk to someone for a fewminutes and there’s some sort of spark there that can be differentiatedbetween every other seven minute conversation you had that night, it’sprobably not a bad idea to go up to talk to that person some more after the gamehas ended.

Theconcept of Speed Dating is interesting in and of itself, but it becomes a socialscience experiment to witness when you add Greeks as the test subjects and theuncontrolled environment of a Greek Night to the mix.A forced interaction between the sexes at a Greek Night may be somethingthat DC needs to loosen things up a bit.Thisis assuming of course that you can get willing participants.The one thing that we’ve noticed here at DCGreeks.comis that Greeksare deathly afraid of admitting that they would even use anything that they seeas “gimmicky,” or even worse anything that could make them seem in the leastbit “desperate” to meet someone.Greek-Americanssomehow expect to meet someone without ever admitting that they are actuallylooking to meet someone.Howis that ever going to work?As faras this Speed Dating thing goes, we predict that there will be more guys thangirls participating with the ratio panning out somewhere at 57% guys to 43%girls.

Assumingyou get a good number of Greek guys and girls ready to participate, be itthrough peer pressure, alcohol, or a genuine desire to be a good sport and havefun with it, the actual results will vary between guys and girls.Everyone knows that Greek guys suffer from Attention Deficit Disorderwhen thrown into an environment where they get over-stimulated by the sheernumber of beautiful Greek girls at a Greek Night.This phenomena gets multiplied when adding for the possibility that therewill be quite a number of new faces at an event as big as YAL DC Weekend.Greek Guys’ heads will surely be turning more times that a nuclearpowered gyro machine.It may beimpossible for a Greek guy to sit down and talk to the same girl for 7 minuteswithout either looking at the girl he’ll be talking to next or looking at thegirls not playing.

Whatwill it be like to actually be in one of these Speed Dating sessions?Sometimes the organizers provide a set of canned questions to serve asice breakers.We’re not sure ifthis is the format they’ll be following on Friday Night.Seeing as these are Greeks participating in Speed Dating, we suggest asampling of the following questions:

1)What do you do?

Fredonia Speed Dating Night Quotes

2)How much money do you make?

3)What do you drive?

4)Do you still live with your parents?

Fredonia Speed Dating Night Girls

5)What do your parents do?

6)Why is your cousin/parea staring at me while I’m talking to you?

Regardlessof having questions provided in advance or not, there are a few classicexchanges that we can see happening.Forthe sake of simplicity, we will present these in dialogue form between our Players, Maria, George,Eleni and Nick, because surely there will be atleast one Maria, George, Eleni and Nickparticipating.

SpeedDate 1:

Maria:Hi, I’m Maria.

George:Hi Maria, I’m George, nice to meet you.

Maria:What do you do?

George:I work in my parents restaurant.Whatdo you do?

Maria:I’m pursuing my doctorate degree in Biochemistry.

George:Um, I don’t understand what that is, but um, yeah, I gotta go.

SpeedDate 2:

Nick:Hey, how’s it going?I’mNick.

Eleni:Nick?I’m Eleni.

Nick:My sister’s named Eleni.

Eleni:So where are you from?

Nick:I’m from Bethesda, what about you?

Eleni:I’m from {Cell phone rings.}Holdon a second….Hello?Hey!Yeah…Yeah…Really?…Wow…Uh huh…Uh huh…Cool.


SpeedDate 3:

Nick:Hey, how’s it going?I’mNick.

Maria:Maria.Nice to meet you.

Nick:My sister’s named Maria.

Maria:What do you do?

Nick:I work in a restaurant.Hahahaha,just kidding, I’m a stock broker.

Maria:You have a great laugh.

Nick:Really?Will you marry me?

Maria:Now you’re making me laugh.Thatwas a joke right?

Nick:No, I’m serious.


Maria:Hey, I think it’s time to move on to the next person.

Nick:Wait, wait, come back.

Fredonia speed dating night girls

SpeedDate 4:

Eleni:(Still on cellphone)Ok,bye.(Hangs up)Hey, where’d the other guy go?

George:I don’t know.I’m George.

Eleni:Hey George, what’s up?

George:Not much, how are you?

Eleni:I’m ok.So what do you do?

George:I work in my parents’ restaurant.

Eleni:That’s cool.I’m still in school.Idon’t know what I want to do with my life yet.

George:Yeah, one day when my parents retire, I’ll own the restaurant.

Eleni:I love you.

Let’shope for everyone’s sake that these Speed Dates on Friday night don’t followany of these patterns.We’re notsure if anything long term will come of these Speed Dating sessions, but ifthere are any success stories, we’re sure everyone would like to hear aboutthem at The Kafenio.

Inany event, Speed Dating should at least make this Greek Night more interestingthan the typical run-of-the-mill Greek Night and should serve as a good kickoffevent for the YAL DC Weekend.

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