Great Expectations Dating Dickinson

Great Expectations Dating Dickinson

Pip, a young orphan livingwith his sister and her husband in the marshes of Kent, sits ina cemetery one evening looking at his parents’ tombstones. Suddenly,an escaped convict springs up from behind a tombstone, grabs Pip,and orders him to bring him food and a file for his leg irons. Pip obeys,but the fearsome convict is soon captured anyway. The convict protectsPip by claiming to have stolen the items himself.

One day Pip is taken by his Uncle Pumblechook to playat Satis House, the home of the wealthy dowager Miss Havisham, whois extremely eccentric: she wears an old wedding dress everywhereshe goes and keeps all the clocks in her house stopped at the sametime. During his visit, he meets a beautiful young girl named Estella,who treats him coldly and contemptuously. Nevertheless, he fallsin love with her and dreams of becoming a wealthy gentleman so thathe might be worthy of her. He even hopes that Miss Havisham intends tomake him a gentleman and marry him to Estella, but his hopes are dashedwhen, after months of regular visits to Satis House, Miss Havishamdecides to help him become a common laborer in his family’s business.

Great Expectations Dating Dickinson

With Miss Havisham’s guidance, Pip is apprenticedto his brother-in-law, Joe, who is the village blacksmith. Pip worksin the forge unhappily, struggling to better his education withthe help of the plain, kind Biddy and encountering Joe’s malicious daylaborer, Orlick. One night, after an altercation with Orlick, Pip’ssister, known as Mrs. Joe, is viciously attacked and becomes a muteinvalid. From her signals, Pip suspects that Orlick was responsiblefor the attack.

One day a lawyer named Jaggers appears with strange news:a secret benefactor has given Pip a large fortune, and Pip mustcome to London immediately to begin his education as a gentleman.Pip happily assumes that his previous hopes have come true—thatMiss Havisham is his secret benefactor and that the old woman intends forhim to marry Estella.

In London, Pip befriends a young gentleman named Herbert Pocketand Jaggers’s law clerk, Wemmick. He expresses disdain for his formerfriends and loved ones, especially Joe, but he continues to pineafter Estella. He furthers his education by studying with the tutorMatthew Pocket, Herbert’s father. Herbert himself helps Pip learnhow to act like a gentleman. When Pip turns twenty-one and beginsto receive an income from his fortune, he will secretly help Herbertbuy his way into the business he has chosen for himself. But fornow, Herbert and Pip lead a fairly undisciplined life in London, enjoyingthemselves and running up debts. Orlick reappears in Pip’s life,employed as Miss Havisham’s porter, but is promptly fired by Jaggersafter Pip reveals Orlick’s unsavory past. Mrs. Joe dies, and Pipgoes home for the funeral, feeling tremendous grief and remorse. Severalyears go by, until one night a familiar figure barges into Pip’s room—theconvict, Magwitch, who stuns Pip by announcing that he, not MissHavisham, is the source of Pip’s fortune. He tells Pip that he wasso moved by Pip’s boyhood kindness that he dedicated his life tomaking Pip a gentleman, and he made a fortune in Australia for thatvery purpose.

Pip is appalled, but he feels morally bound to help Magwitch escapeLondon, as the convict is pursued both by the police and by Compeyson,his former partner in crime. A complicated mystery begins to fallinto place when Pip discovers that Compeyson was the man who abandonedMiss Havisham at the altar and that Estella is Magwitch’s daughter.Miss Havisham has raised her to break men’s hearts, as revenge forthe pain her own broken heart caused her. Pip was merely a boy forthe young Estella to practice on; Miss Havisham delighted in Estella’sability to toy with his affections.

As the weeks pass, Pip sees the good in Magwitch and beginsto care for him deeply. Before Magwitch’s escape attempt, Estellamarries an upper-class lout named Bentley Drummle. Pip makes a visit toSatis House, where Miss Havisham begs his forgiveness for the wayshe has treated him in the past, and he forgives her. Later that day,when she bends over the fireplace, her clothing catches fire and shegoes up in flames. She survives but becomes an invalid. In her finaldays, she will continue to repent for her misdeeds and to plead forPip’s forgiveness.

The time comes for Pip and his friends to spirit Magwitchaway from London. Just before the escape attempt, Pip is calledto a shadowy meeting in the marshes, where he encounters the vengeful,evil Orlick. Orlick is on the verge of killing Pip when Herbertarrives with a group of friends and saves Pip’s life. Pip and Herberthurry back to effect Magwitch’s escape. They try to sneak Magwitch downthe river on a rowboat, but they are discovered by the police, whoCompeyson tipped off. Magwitch and Compeyson fight in the river,and Compeyson is drowned. Magwitch is sentenced to death, and Piploses his fortune. Magwitch feels that his sentence is God’s forgivenessand dies at peace. Pip falls ill; Joe comes to London to care forhim, and they are reconciled. Joe gives him the news from home:Orlick, after robbing Pumblechook, is now in jail; Miss Havishamhas died and left most of her fortune to the Pockets; Biddy has taughtJoe how to read and write. After Joe leaves, Pip decides to rushhome after him and marry Biddy, but when he arrives there he discoversthat she and Joe have already married.

Pip decides to go abroad with Herbert to work in the mercantile trade.Returning many years later, he encounters Estella in the ruinedgarden at Satis House. Drummle, her husband, treated her badly,but he is now dead. Pip finds that Estella’s coldness and crueltyhave been replaced by a sad kindness, and the two leave the gardenhand in hand, Pip believing that they will never part again. (Note: Dickens’soriginal ending to Great Expectations differed fromthe one described in this summary. The final Summary and Analysissection of this SparkNote provides a description of the first endingand explains why Dickens rewrote it.)

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Great Expectations Dating Dickinson

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