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The following article was authored by Theodore Arthur Sande, a theoretical astrophysicist who has never been convicted of exceeding the speed of light.

The flat, featureless expanses of the Kansas prairie plains traversed by its interminable, unvarying roadways can hypnotically induce the driver to traveling at unlawfully high speeds. This propensity is certainly understandable, given the relatively immense distances between major cities and the sheer, mind-numbing monotony of driving on Kansas’ highways.

Unfortunately, if an authorized agent of the state, either city, state police or county sheriff, detects you driving in excess of any posted maximum speed limit, they can and will detain and issue you a speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets are handled by the Kansas Department of Revenue

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Strangely enough, there is no Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Yes, Dorothy, you are still in Kansas! Instead, the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) Division of Vehicles assumes jurisdiction over all matters relating to licensed driving. This blatant acknowledgment of the true purpose of statutorily-regulating the privilege of driving in the state of Kansas should serve to give you pause. Your speeding ticket is the State of Kansas’ receipt for the revenue you generously contributed!

Kansas' basic speed rule

The Kansas State Secretary of Transportation has decreed that all statutory speed limits in Kansas shall flow as a natural consequence from its central philosophic maxim, the sacrosanct Basic Speed Rule (KS ST section 8-1557), which states:

A person shall not operate a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual hazards then existing.

Please note that no explicit mention is made of maximum posted speed limits. Speed limits are an important, albeit not exclusive, means of implementing the basic speed rule.

Kansas statutory maximum speed limits

The Kansas State Secretary of Transportation has the final authority to designate the Posted Maximum Speed Limits (KS ST section 8-1558), driving in excess of which is a statutory violation subject to penalty. These maximum limits are customized for the different major classes of roadways:

  • separated, multilane highways – 75 MPH
  • other state & federal highways – 65 MPH
  • county & township highways – 55 MPH
  • urban districts – 30 MPH
  • business district (when posted) – 20 MPH
  • school zones (children present) – 20 MPH
  • work zones when (workers are present) – as posted

Kansas uniform fine schedule

Conviction for speeding in excess of posted maximum speed limits can result from waiving your right to trial by entering an explicit plea of guilty at arrangement, being delivered a sentence of guilty at your traffic court trial, pleading nolo contendere (ancient Latin for “I will not contest the charge, nor will I admit guilt.”). Directly paying the fine printed on your ticket constitutes a de facto admission of guilt, no different than if you plead guilty in person in court.

Upon conviction, the following monetary fines are imposed as determined by the Kansas Uniform Fine Schedule. The simple fact that you exceeded the speed limit and violated the sacrosanct Basic Speed Rule, irrespective of the actual MPH excess, will subject you to a Basic Speed Rule base penalty fine of $60. Additional fines are added to the base fine as determined by the precise speed beyond the maximum limit you are convicted for driving at:

  • Basic Speed Rule$60
  • 1-10 MPH over posted speed limit + $30 (add 30 bucks on top of the 6 bucks for speeding)
  • 11-20 MPH over posted speed limit + $30 + $6 per MPH over 10 MPH excess
  • 21-30 MPH over posted speed limit + $90 + $9 per MPH over 20 MPH excess
  • 31+ MPH over posted speed limit + $180 + $15 per MPH over 30 MPH excess

These fines are doubled if speeding in a work/school when workers/children are respectively present. Also note, that you can be issued a speeding ticket even if your are driving below the speed limit, if the officer deems that your are driving at an unsafe, unreasonable, or imprudent speed given the road, traffic, or weather conditions.

Sanctions following being convicted of speeding

In addition to the monetary fines imposed, a train of additionally punitive consequences will often follow. Unlike most other states, however, you will not be assigned points.

A Kansas speeding point system does not exist!

Kansas, unlike most other states in the Union, does not have a point system wherein a number of points are assigned for each moving violation conviction. This is a mixed blessing since it simplifies what will be the future consequences of a series of present and future speeding violations. All speeding violations are in a sense considered equal, and are not differentiated by assigning various numbers of points to each offense based upon the details of the offense, e.g., exact number of MPH beyond the maximum limits. In lieu of a point system, speeding drivers should be cognizant of the looming possibility of driver license suspension based on the number of speeding tickets and/or any other moving violation accumulated within a given time frame.

Driver’s License suspension, revocation or restriction (3/12 rule)

The ultimate punishment is the temporary revocation of your driver’s license. This drastic measure will be levied if you received 3 or more convictions within any 12 month period for moving violations of any nature. Being found guilty of speeding is classified as a moving violation. Thus being found guilty of speeding three times in 12 months and dutifully paying the associated fines does not terminate your punishment. You can lose your driver’s license as well. However, this draconian punishment can be avoided if you attend a certified Kansas Driver Improvement Clinic. Keep the 3/12 Rule always in mind. Think of this like baseball, three strikes in 12 months and you’re out!

Commercial motor vehicle licenses

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operators will have their CMV license revoked for a string of “serious traffic violations” such as excessive speeding, e.g., 15 MPH above the speed limits. CMV license suspension will ensue for accruing a minimum of 2 such violations in any 3 year period.

Kansas Driver Improvement Program

Upon conviction for a speeding offense, the traffic court may extend to you at its mercy the option of enrolling in an approved Kansas Defensive Driving Course which may be taken online. Successful completion can result in your offense not counting toward one of your potential three strikes. Thus you can avoid license suspension even if you struck out.

Kansas Driver Record

Your personal Kansas Driver Record compiles a history of all your driving violations, speeding included. Any documented violation will be expunged after 3 years. This record is what automobile insurance underwriters consult to calculate your premiums.

Car insurance premium increase

A conviction for speeding in Kansas will invariably result in an increase in the monthly premiums you pay to your automotive insurance underwriter. The amount and duration of this increase is determined both by the severity of the speeding violation as well as the number of violations you are found guilty of. Often this cumulative increase over the subsequent year will be greater than the fine itself.

How a expert traffic attorney can help you

Other than never speeding in Kansas and thus avoiding being issued a speeding ticket in the first place, your next best recourse is to retain the services of an expert, licensed traffic attorney. Your attorney’s intimate knowledge of Kansas’ traffic laws coupled with extensive courtroom experience can significantly improve your chances of mitigating the legal and financial consequences of your speeding offense.

For example, your attorney can negotiate with the direct attorney prior to your first court arraignment an acceptable plea bargain to a lesser offense, e,g. a ticket for a lower excess speed violation or even a non-moving violation. This is a common procedure where having a licensed attorney perform it on your behalf vastly increases your chances for success. In the event that a suitable plea bargain is not reached, your attorney can then represent you in traffic court with the goal of obtaining a sentence of not guilty and a full dismissal of charges.


A conviction for speeding in the Land of Oz can be the first link in a short chain of financially and legally adverse consequences that extend far beyond the initial nominal fine printed on your speeding ticket. Representation by an experienced traffic ticket attorney for even your first speeding ticket can significantly preclude and mitigate this chain of consequences. BernieSez is a free service that literally brings traffic attorneys in your area directly to your online doorstep where they will compete for your business. Click or tap on the button below to get started with this 100% free lawyer matching service.

HomeDating in USA7 Best Places to Meet Singles in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City singles!

Tired of being single and just wanna meet someone already?

Perhaps you’re sick of folk playing games when you just want to make a genuine connection with someone?

And don’t get us started on meeting people online who you don’t click with in person. That’s SO frustrating and time consuming …

But it’s okay because Datermeister is here to save the day. We’ve put together a bumper article on the 7 best places to meet singles in Kansas City that you’ll connect with.

Not just that, but we’ve got lots of tips and tricks on how to approach someone new – and we’ll also show you TWO better alternatives to Tinder.

Ready to crush your single status? Let’s do this!

1. Best nightclubs for Kansas City singles? Here’s 2:

Want to meet a fellow social butterfly who loves nothing more than letting their hair down at the weekend? Then you need to grab your friend and paint the town red.

Come on, we all know that Kansas City was the original city of sin. And when the sun goes down, the wilder ones come out to play.

The key to meeting someone you click with automatically in a club is confidence. That and some decent dance moves and a willingness to have some fun.

Honestly, all it takes is for you to get dancing with someone before you can chat them up. It’s all about building the tension and getting the chemistry flowing on the dance floor.

Before long, you’ll be grabbing their number and texting them the next day!

Put yourself out there, have a drink and bust some moves.

Here are the 2 best nightclubs in Kansas City:

Aura (3832 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111): Located in one of the best Kansas City neighbourhoods for singles, this one is for those who have lots of energy and want to grind against a total hottie. It’s got a VIP room, a massive dance floor and the DJ’s are always spinning some top tunes.


Green Lady Lounge (1809 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108): The jazz club is a bit of a Kansas City institution that’s absolutely ideal for Kansas City singles over 40. There’s music going on all the time, which means you can go here during the week and at the weekend – whenever you fancy!

2. Best singles bars in Kansas City?

Not a huge fan of meeting people in noisy clubs? Want to go somewhere quieter where you can impress someone new with your awesome conversation and chat-up lines?

Then you need to stay on the Kansas City scene and hit the bars.


Now, if you’re not a natural at approaching a total stranger in a bar, just know this: It’s a skill that can be learned.

There’s not a great deal to it. The most important thing is to be confident, to pick the right moment and to have a good opening line.

Kansas city speed dating over 30 yrs

This can be something as simple as a compliment on their outfit, or it could be an observation on something that’s just happened in the bar. It needs to be light hearted and – if possible – funny!

Then, you just need to progress the conversation and keep them interested.

Here are the best 2 Kansas City singles bars:

The Kill Devil Club (31 E 14th St, Kansas City, MO 64106): There’s always something going on here, which means you’ve always got something to talk about with someone. From live music to tastings, it’s got a real social vibe that makes it easy to meet someone new.

Manifesto (1924 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108): If you fancy going somewhere a bit more refined and even elegant, get yourself down to Manifesto. This lively bar offers handcrafted cocktails and it’s always busy with sexy Kansas City singles who wouldn’t mind meeting someone new!

3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows are one of the best places to meet singles in Kansas City

Do you go to concerts often? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a great chance to meet more people!

Concerts are great for meeting Kansas City singles because this is exactly where they go!

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Like club revellers, concert goers are up for a good time and, if you do this right, you could find yourself dancing with a sexy single all night long.

Kansas City Speed Dating Over 30

And unlike a club where people go home at 3am worse for wear, after a concert is over you can invite someone for a drink at the bar.

Just be happy, smiley and flirty.

Comedy shows are a bit harder to finesse but they’re still good places to meet singles in Kansas City. Just take some friends along with you and see if you can strike up conversations.

Chat to anyone! People who go to comedy shows tend to be fun and open to having a laugh with new people. The more people you talk to, the more chance you’ll have of meeting someone you really hit it off with.

Here is the best comedy club in Kansas City:

Comedy City (3600 Broadway Blvd #107, Kansas City, MO 64111): What Datermeister loves about this joint is that it’s just so down to earth. It’s also really intimate, with the tables pressed close together. This kind of setting makes it super easy to meet someone new!

4. Best Places to Meet Kansas City Singles Online? (Forget Tinder)

Wanna double down on this dating thing by meeting people offline and online?

We get it – you maybe tried Tinder and it didn’t work.

That’s not a MASSIVE surprise.

See, people treat Tinder as a bit of a game and a chance to get a bit of validation. If you want to chat to someone who has a genuine desire to meet you, try these 2 alternatives:

Match.com: What we love about Match.com is that it asks you a series of questions to help pair you up with someone who shares your values. And we all know how important that is! Match also host regular Kansas City singles meetup events, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for those.

EliteSingles.com: Like Match, EliteSingles asks you a series of questions to better pair you up with someone you’ll hit it off with. However, the difference is that Elite is aimed at Kansas City singles who have a higher education and are career focused. So if you want to meet a hot doctor or lawyer, this is the place to go.

Both these sites are especially good for meeting Christian singles in Kansas City. All you need to do is make sure your profile appeals to the people you most want to meet!

5. Gyms & other fitness activities are great places to meet KC Singles:

Sceptical that you could actually meet someone at a gym?

While you’d be forgiven that no one goes to a gym to meet a new partner … you’d be totally wrong!

Gyms are great places to meet singles in Kansas City because the same people go week-in and week-out. This means that, over time, you can engage in conversation with familiar faces, build rapport – and then ask them out.

In fact, yoga and meditation classes work in this way, too. And one thing you can be sure of is that all the men and women who go to these places care about their body!

6. Kansas City Singles Events & other networking events

As mentioned earlier, Match.com hosts regular Kansas City singles meetup events and you should definitely go to these. They’re perfect for meeting new people because you already know that everyone is single and serious about doing something about it!

Speed dating is another popular KC singles activity that you should consider. Just be confident and personable and see where it takes you!

If nothing else, you’ll definitely have a load of fun.

Try normal networking events, too. While you might not meet your next soulmate, you’ll increase your social circle.

This is key because most couples met through friends. Ergo, the more friends you have, the greater the odds that someone will introduce you to someone you click with!

Don’t forget to try church social nights to meet more Christian singles in Kansas City, too!

Kansas City Speed Dating Over 30 Yrs

7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with the same interests) or do “hobby dates”

Lastly, if you like to learn new skills but always learn them at home, here’s the scoop: you’re missing a massive opportunity to meet new people!

You’re not the only Kansas City single who wants to learn how to paint, cook or speak French! There are many just like you, and guess what? They’re taking night classes and meeting new people!

So it’s time to ditch the home studying and sign up to a class. Whatever it is you want to learn, join a class and meet new people.

Then, find someone you like and ask if they want to go for a drink. It’s not hard and you’ll already know that the two of you have something in common.


KC singles are out there and they’re just as bored of their single status as you are.

They want to meet you, chat to you – and hit it off with you.

Once you start going to the right places and approaching people more often, you’ll soon find that this gets easier.

While you might not meet someone you like straight away, you just need patience. Your time will come.

Meantime? Have some fun!

Kansas City Speed Dating Over 30 Min

Have we missed something out when it comes to Kansas City singles? Leave us a comment below!