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Ireland is a small quiet place in Western Europe. It borders The United Kingdom and remains unnoticed for the majority of tourists in that region. However, it is quite a nice spot for hot hookups with local Irish women.

To start with, it is worth mentioning that this country is not so popular among foreign tourists. In fact, the entire population is only about 5 million people. Therefore, you will feel calm and relaxed while traveling around Ireland.

These two feelings are not something that is connected with a wild desire to get laid in Ireland, isn’t it? Nevertheless, this small country is great for casual hookups, especially if you are a huge pub and beer lover.

Besides, all the fans of nature will spend a great time hanging out in Ireland. Another name of the country is the Emerald Isle. It is connected with how much green stuff is growing there. In other words, you will definitely understand what virgin nature means.

This place may seem a bit boring to young and active people willing to be in the spotlight. Although, it is perfect for those who want to combine their living in highly developed cities surrounded by magnificent nature. Down below you will find out how to find quick hookups in Ireland as a foreigner.

Limerick Best Hookup Apps

Do Irish women want to have instant hookups?

Since this country is extremely small, it means that you are not likely to find people hanging out together too often. Therefore, you should definitely visit special places created exactly for that purpose. The most famous of them are Irish pubs where all local people party and drink beer together.

The same concerns women of any age since this is how they spend their free time. All the pubs are literally created for foreign men to find an Irish girl to hookup with. You just need to make it in a smart way in order not to look weird or silly.

In fact, Irish women are quite shy and distant when it gets to meeting new people. They prefer to hang out with their friends or relatives. That is why it is so difficult to approach a local female without scaring her away. The majority of your previous pickup lines and tricks are not going to work out in this country at all.

In order to find a casual hookup in Ireland, you have to be just like all the others. It means that you should simply sit and drink your beer. Then, you might have a chance of having a friendly conversation with a woman near you. If you manage to keep it like that, you can be sure she is yours for this night.

Irish girls have nothing against hookups since they are just like all other females. You just need to trick their mentality because they are not so open-minded. Be careful when you approach a lady in this country because they do not do such things too often.

Biggest cities for hookups in Ireland


Almost the quarter of the entire population of Ireland lives in the capital of the country. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to visit Dublin first. This city has the population about 1,5 million people and remains the largest city. It has an international airport and all the facilities to have fun during the daytime and nighttime as well.

In the next paragraph, you are going to find out about the best pubs in Dublin where you can find an Irish woman to get laid with. Make sure to spare some money before visiting Dublin. It is actually a really expensive city and you need to be ready for that.

The second-largest city is Cork with the population almost 200,000 people. This is a university town famous for its castles and historic downtown. You should definitely visit this place if you are looking for younger Irish girls. Although, you should be prepared to see the difference between Cork and Dublin. This city is way calmer and has fewer facilities to hang out 24/7.

The third-largest city is Limerick with the population estimated 100,000 people. It is one of those places, where foreign tourists feel the pleasures of a city and nature at the same time. That is why you should visit this city in order to have so-called romantic hookups. You have no reason to hurry when you are in this place.

Find online hookups in Ireland

Keeping in mind that the density of the population is quite low, people do not really interact with each other. Therefore, you should use hookup apps to meet Irish women quicker. They will gladly respond to you if you are being nice and polite.

Moreover, this method of hooking up may be preferable among Irish girls themselves. They feel less stressed while chatting with a foreign man. If you come from a distant country, they will definitely try to learn more about you before seeing you face-to-face.

You see, the entire thing about a hookup culture in Ireland is not so huge nowadays. That is why you should not put local females under the pressure expecting anything from them. It is advisable to stay calm and look for the best candidate to spend a night with.

What do Irish women actually enjoy doing?

Always keep in your head that the majority of Irish girls are in love with their nature. They enjoy walking in city parks, visiting small historic museums, and drink in pubs. They find it really attractive and entertaining.

Dating over 40 in lowell massachusetts real estate. Surely, it may seem a bit boring to foreign men who come from huge countries such as the USA. However, try to understand and accept the atmosphere people live in before you will be able to hookup an Irish woman.

Sometimes it is actually better to spend a few hours walking outside together than putting your lady under the pressure. You can be sure that she will simply walk away from you if you keep doing it.

The Irish women’s mentality is pretty much like any other Western females’ one but slightly different. They are not so open and talkative, especially with foreigners. So, try not to be a real macho because it will not help you at all.

Famous Dublin pubs to find a random hookup in

As has been mentioned, Dublin is the biggest Irish city where all foreign tourists will find a place to have fun. The most popular places of interest are Irish pubs. There are hundreds if not thousands of them across the entire country. The best of them are located in Dublin. Down below you will find the places you must visit for sure:

  • McDaid’s;
  • L. Mulligan Grocer;
  • Toner’s;
  • Johnny Fox’s Pub;
  • The Cobblestone;
  • The Norseman;

The majority of these pubs are famous for their old-fashioned interior and friendly atmosphere. Some of them are worth visiting because of their traditional Irish music. Anyway, all these pubs are perfect for hot hookups with Irish women due to the relaxing energy flowing around.

In addition, you will quickly realize how local people prefer to have a rest after hard working days. This is where you can feel comfortable when approaching strangers, including beautiful Irish girls. They will not reject you once they have a few pints of beer.

Limerick Best Hookup Application

Being afraid of STDs


There was a huge potential of catching HIV or anything like this in Ireland before. Nonetheless, the situation has changed since the biggest part of the population has indulged in sex education. It is no longer so frightening to have sex without additional protection in Ireland.

Although, you still have to wear a condom every time you hookup an Irish woman just in case if she is not clean. Besides, having a baby from a random lady is not what you have been dreaming about for sure. Therefore, do not spare your money on such things every time you make your way to a local club, pub, or disco.

It is advisable to think of your protection while looking for hookups with Irish singles in any town, no matter how small it is. Remember that the population size does not matter when it comes to STDs.

Final thoughts

Ireland is a picturesque place to travel around. Make sure to enjoy the local Irish women’s beauty and have fun with them. You will quickly realize the way this country works, especially during the nighttime.

All you need to do is to become the part of it. Irish girls do not mind having hot hookups with foreign men if the latter respect their borders. Moreover, they consider it an interesting and entertaining experience.

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Limerick Best Hookup Apps

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Limerick Best Hookup Apparel

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