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Country Partners offers a discreet, safe and traditional personal matchmaking service. We are a family run business with almost forty years experience.

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In 1983, Heather Heber Percy, one of the best-known names in UK dating, created the Country Partners agency. Country Partners is now known as ‘The North’s own Exclusive Dating service’, and covers the whole northern part of the UK.

Our coverage includes the counties of West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Teesside, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Shropshire, the North Midlands, North Wales and Scotland.

Most people these days are very familiar with how online dating works, but Country Partners provides a service that is vastly different from that. We interview on a face-to-face basis and carefully vet every potential joiner. To keep the very high standards of our members, we provide a professional profile for everyone, to present you at your absolute best. There is an optional photography service included if you visit our office.

More than anything, we preserve your anonymity and confidentiality. On an online site your photographs and highly personal details will be available to everyone, even none members, which on a busy site means that your profile is being viewed hundreds of times a day, by the general public but also by potential fraudsters and scammers. Not something that is welcomed by many, particularly if you prize your confidentiality.

So our commitment to you is as follows, your details and photographs will never, ever appear on a public website and will always remain as private between you, your matchmaker, and carefully selected individuals that we feel may be a match for you. At higher membership levels, there is an option to extend this, so that your profile and photographs only go out to people that have been pre-approved by you.


Our vetting process for members is also something we are incredibly proud of at Country Partners. You can be safe in the knowledge that your dates are all carefully checked as follows:

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  • They have produced photographic ID to prove their identity
  • We have checked out their residency.
  • They do not live with a wife/husband/partner/ex-partner.
  • They are not involved in crime.
  • They are solvent and are joining us for the right reasons.

We have a large team of Personal Matchmakers and Membership Adviser’s and will handle your application to join and your membership, carefully, sensitively and professionally. We are also happy for you to visit our Head Office to meet the team at any time. We always make visitors very welcome. It can, of course, be very reassuring to see the professionalism with which we operate and how your membership will work for you first hand.

We have an extensive database, so there is a wide choice of members from which we can select others to recommend to you. However, we do know from our experience over the years that opposites often attract and that sexual chemistry usually comes from diversity rather than commonality. Our service is very much about providing choice, an entirely different experience to joining a small local agency, who may only have a few dozen members at any one time, and running the agency from home on a part-time basis rather than an office.

Throughout your membership period, which is often between 6 months and 18 months, you will get to know your matchmaker very well. They become a friend as well as a guide and mentor. Dating can often become a bit of a jungle, and having someone to guide you through it can be incredibly helpful. Our matchmaking team are around every day to do just that and provide a service second to none.

Model Dating Agency

For Those Accustomed To Excellence..

Model Dating Agency

Welcome to the world’s most exclusive model dating club.


Reedsport Exclusive Dating Agency

Reedsport exclusive dating agency inc

Here at SEI Club we understand the deeper meaning and value of having lasting, thriving relationships.

If you are an intelligent, accomplished gentleman who prefers to meet and date models, then SEI Club is perfect for you. We specialize in matched-dating with women who are not only exceptionally beautiful, but who are also friendly, warm, kind, and loving.

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You’ll appreciate that our proven applicant and member screening process is designed to ensure that each and every accepted SEI Club woman member is not only beautiful, but is also at a happy, positive place in her life…a place in which she can enjoy and appreciate the right relationship with a gentleman such as yourself. Because an incredible relationship begins with two exceptional people.

Best of all, as an SEI Club member you have the unique privilege of meeting, dating and forming a lasting, loving relationship with beautiful, positive, upbeat SEI Club women members who are accomplished fashion models.

Reedsport Exclusive Dating Agency Inc

You’ll find that like you, SEI Club models are seeking a happy, fulfilling, meaningful relationship to add value to their already incredible lives. They each seek a special gentleman with whom they can create and build a beautiful, safe, warm, loving relationship.

Given the various stages of life, and the many types of relationships that we humans can enjoy at life’s various stages, meaningful, deeply fulfilling relationships are not always easy to find. For this reason, when seeking a more deeply fulfilling relationship, you’ll find that some of the world’s most exceptional gentlemen and women prefer to participate in SEI Club’s exclusive model dating services. Ours are members that many would relish in the honor to serve. Thus, we value and appreciate our members tremendously.

If you are an accomplished, intelligent, attractive gentleman seeking elite model dating services, then SEI Club is perfect for you. We welcome you to contact us using the form on this page.

SEI Club Model Dating; no other dating venue comes close.

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